Cyber Security


Cyber security for connected homes.

Cyber Security

Enterprise d.moat

Security for small and medium businesses.

Augmented Reailty


Augmented and Virtual reality mobile applications.

Voice Assistants

Smart Speaker Apps

d.moat, medicare helper, trap doors, and esports live on Amazon Alexa.


Healthcare IT

FHIR apps for healthcare interoperability.



Oncology EHR and Practice Management System.

Cyber Security

Many of today’s homes are actually smart homes and contain several always-on devices (in addition to the traditional computers, phones, laptops, and tablets) that are connected to the Internet. These devices may include thermostats, IP cameras, smart speakers, smart TVs, baby monitors, game consoles, and even automobiles. Unless adequately protected, each connected device can potentially be hacked and exploited. The exploits can cause loss of privacy, identity theft, denial of service, and even financial loss. At Broadstone Technologies, we have leveraged our deep understanding of cyber security and computer vulnerabilities to develop an innovative solution for the smart home and small businesses. Please visit to learn more about the solution in detail.

Internet of Things

Our team at Broadstone Technologies has worked with different types of embedded systems. We have leveraged our expertise to develop an indoor environmental sensor to monitor air quality, humidity, and temperature. Our solution can be used to monitor different environmental parameters in real-time and can be helpful to determine historical trends as well. The environmental sensor values are accessed through a mobile app that is available for both iPhone and Android.